Atlanta Hawks: New era begins

“We would be good, but not good enough.”

When Danny Ferry said it, I felt like Micheal Keaton in “The Paper” (underrated flick, by the way).

“He said the headline! The guy actually said the headline!”

Ferry succinctly summed up the frustrations I’ve heard expressed so many times by my blog people. That’s why the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive to Ferry’s decision to extract the franchise from two burdensome contracts.

But already I sense some anxiety among you about the next step. No doubt that feeling is heightened by Ferry’s failed (for now) pursuit of a trade for Dwight Howard, who’s status is in limbo. I’ve seen Hawks fans already fretting that no superstar would ever actually choose to sign with this franchise.

None of this surprises me, of course. It didn’t take me long in this job to learn that a sense of insecurity and pending dread appears to be a common symptom of your affection for the Hawks.

But, more than that, these concerns are reasonable. You …

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