P’cheen owners take over Pizzeria Vesuvius (and more news)

Pizzeria VesuviusAlex Friedman and Keiran Neely, owners of P’cheen International Bistro & Pub, recently took over and reopened the Pizzeria Vesuvius on Edgewood Ave. after being approached by the pizza joint’s former owners.

The menu retains the most popular pies from the original menu, but also features many new items designed by chef Friedman. Neely says that classic Italian ingredients are used with more contemporary preparations. Both New York- and Neapolitan-style pizzas are offered along with calzones, subs and salads. Pizza toppings include house-made sausage and house-cured cold cuts. Craft beer and seasonal wines are among the new additions to the menu.

Friedman and Neely kept only the upper level portion of the original two-story space and redecorated it with volcano-themed murals. The upstairs room has been divided that right down the middle, forming two rooms. One remains the Pizzeria Vesuvius. The second, with no windows and only a hidden entry off of the pizzeria, will become …

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