Last-minute tickets to London? Here’s an opinionated guide

(AP Photo/LOCOG,Yui Mok)

(AP Photo/LOCOG,Yui Mok)

Did the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games get you daydreaming? Wouldn’t it be fun to clear your schedule for a few days, send the pooch off to a petsitter and join in the festivities.

Then you should know this: The last-minute airline fares aren’t horrible. In fact, they’re far more reasonable than they were earlier this summer.

So…go! London is a flat-out great city, and I’m here to tell you how to make the most of your spontaneous sojourn.

Last summer my family and I took a good, long vacation — almost a sabbatical — and spent a solid five weeks in the English capital. We were like extended-stay-motel Londoners, not exactly residents but more than tourists.

Because of this experience I feel like I have the right to offer you this incredibly opinionated guide to what you should skip, and what you should see instead.

Skip Camden Market, go to Spitalfields

On a non-Olympic weekend, the northern London street market draws more …

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