What Changes are Needed for Atlanta Falcons Offense?

Firecrackers, Dynamite Tosses, or Implosion?

What Changes Needed on O? (AJC)

As the sun sets on the 2012-13 NFL season, most Falcons fans are still grappling with “what could have been?” before divulging and immersing into the off-season where Atlanta only needed 10 yards. For some, it’s therapeutic to jump right back into what the Birds need to fix, but for others a sabbatical from the Falcons and football in general will be needed. Either way, for 31 teams it will be months and months filled with how to reach the ultimate prize, including our Atlanta Falcons. Last off-season provided plenty of excitement with the former coordinators “finding new jobs” and the hiring of Dirk Koetter, Mike Nolan, and Pat Hill. This off-season may not have as many big changes as 2012, but it looks to be the most important one to date since the arrival of Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff. How do you go about changing and fixing a team that was only 10 yards away from the Super Bowl …

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