Todd Gurley Breaks 100 Yards Rushing in Playoff Debut! | Falcons vs. Rams | Wild Card Player HLs – Atlanta Video

The Atlanta Falcons take on the Los Angeles Rams during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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27 Comments - Write a Comment

  1. same old rams lets go NINERS.

  2. Same old boring commentators.

  3. Should have ran him more. And how the Hell do you only Target Watkins once all game? Glad they lost.

  4. He had 2 critical dropped passes in the game and all but disappeared in the second half. The Rams threw 45 times but Gurley was not a factor in the passing game. His 14 carries were essentially meaningless in what was a close game until late in the 4th quarter. He finished with 101 yards and ZERO touchdowns.

  5. " Gurley is the league MVP"?

  6. Don't forget the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28 point lead.

  7. Lol Rams choked. I understand the Young guys and no playoff experience, but you should’ve been prepared. Gurley and Donald did good, Goff… well not so much. But Rams fans before the game were so sure they’d win, now there looking for every excuse. Browns 0-16 dream

  8. Pharoah Cooper gave up 10 points by himself, Goff made some plays, Gurley struggled and the defense couldnt stop julio. Its ok though. Ill take a winning season with double digit wins, nfc west crown and a playoff appearance over what we had last season.

  9. So him getting over 100 with the defense playing really well agsinst him just shows more that he's one of the most talented players in the nfl.

  10. But did that help them win? Absolutely not- Chiseled adnois

  11. Falcons fans talking like they aint about to choke again lmao

  12. I was really hoping the Rams would visit the Vikes and get stomped . Oh well:/

  13. how many balls did he drop ??? he was useless this game for the first 3 halfs. i say he is out of the mvp running

  14. Too bad they turned the ball over so much

  15. Its nice the falcons were playing in la, but gonna be way different playing in fridget weather, for this little dome team.

  16. Die hard falcons fan since 2003 gg to the rams with Todd Gurley you guys have a bright future

  17. If Gurley can do the spin then he’ll be unstoppable, he is fast as lightning, jumps like a cheetah, and if he can do the spin he can be like the fox, totally unstoppable is Todd Gurley II.

  18. Gurleys performance today was terrible, it honestly looked like he was throwing the game

  19. tbh only won because of Julio

  20. Easy when you've got blocks like 1:50 ??


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