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Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes of your favorite reality TV shows? Kandi Burruss takes us behind the scenes for her RHOA interviews and sheds light about how she makes it all work for her.

It’s Justin Diego back with another Binge-worthy video and today I’ve got a really cool video from Kandi Burruss’ all new YouTube channel that I know you are going to love. Yes Real Housewives of Atlanta

If you’re a fan of Kandi Burruss, you know she’s upping her game with her YouTube videos. In this one she revealing more than just her latest look.

I know some of you never realized this but yes its true, most of the time these interviews are not actually filmed at their homes anymore. Some time they try green screen but I think that’s not as easy since it’s all about the hair for the ladies. Now it looks like they’ve came up with this sort of canvas printed background that does a good job actually making us think they’re at home. Pretty cool right?

That’s another reason why this method works out. Sometimes the girls are on the road and it makes production a lot easier for everybody.

I want to point out the fact that this is winning mindset y’all. Kandi just gets it and is so inspiring.

Most of us could not do what she does and like the producer says… it doest make sense but she makes it work.

So yes Kandi is going to be on Broadway starting January 15th. I did a video about this so check it out here… Yes there’s a card notification up top there for you check that video out. And Yes Kandi has a lot going on and it’ll be interesting seeing how it all plays out. I dunno if that will make it into this years storyline but I hope we see more about it at least on her youtube channel!

So yeah guys that was some interesting tea and I wanted to share that behind the scenes look with you guys. So happy that Kandi is on youtube now so I’ll be adding a card for you to click at the end and subscribe to her channel. If you’re wondering why Im talking and not shutting up in these types of videos it’s because I respect you guys and your time too much to just take content and throw it up on my channel and there are things that I want to make sure you guys don’t miss out on.

So comment and let me know what you thought about this video. If you learned something new be sure to like and share it on Facebook and twitter to keep the conversation going!

Thanks for watching this video I’ll see you on the next one!!

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  1. You're right. Kandi just gets it.

  2. She's a great business woman I will definitely give her that. Btw you have great editing skills!!!!lol your accent at the end wth😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Oooh cool.. now can we see Cynthia😀

  4. Kandi izza #RealGAPeach🍑… Shidd dass wut we do.. Hustle hawd.. #Salute 💪👆

  5. Love your videos and LOVE Kandi! The REAL Real Housewife!

  6. Ace, Ace, Ace, Ace what about Riley…. let's not forget about your daughter, your 1st born. By the way Kandi is my favorite. I just hate to see Riley always get left out.

  7. Whattt I didn't know that shocking.

  8. I'm from Chicago so go head girl…💕💕💕👏👏👏👏

  9. cause every man wansa woooomun😭😂

  10. Pretty sure we'll be seeing more of The OLG this year. Similar to Sweetie Pie's and to a lesser extent Vanderpump Rules. It should prove to be a huge success. This too applies to Pete and Cynthia's new restaurant.

  11. That's what I'm talking about! I love how she uses the platform to continuously grow her empire! Kandi is always moving up in the world 👑👏🏽💋 Great content honey – keep it coming! IM PHUKEN crying 😭 👏🏽that British accent was hilarious – British girls do it best! 🇬🇧👸🏽

  12. Ya every man wants woman hahaha, women or woman, nw a day's Kandi

  13. There's a video of Kandi doing a confessional at her home as you see in the background. I think because she's out of town she has to do the screen

  14. Definitely respect her hustle…and she looks beautiful

  15. I am very , very glad that her daughter is not much on the show , these people put these kid's in there grown up MESS !!!! makes them grow up before there time ,look at T I daughter looking like any twenty year old hostel and it's very dirty nasty an sad showing all her tit's at such an early age , NOW when these OLD men get to knocking what then???? Candy you are doing the right thing!!the other H W show's they Kid's are so unruly cus , talk back and it's not cute at all ,, allow a child to be just that as long as possible,I promise you will not regret it in a long run

  16. Lol was that your British accent at the end there ? Sign up for my acting classes, we can work on that because I have an authenic British accent. http://www.break-thruproductions.co.uk but I do have to congratulate you on your production value – l would love to work with you one day soon.


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