Recap/Review of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 | Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Season 7, Ep. 14) – Atlanta Video

Here is a recap of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7, episode 14…

According to VH1, here is what we can expect from this episode…

“Tommie gets a wake-up call, Kelsie meets her little brother Kannon, KK gets a big surprise, and the group’s wild time at the dude ranch comes to an end.”

Let me know your thoughts on this! ☺


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  1. Stevie don't care he got children problems a baby mama drama Estelita whoever gurl bye trying to stay relevant Tommie let that bottle go beautiful lady jock and karlie ugh but I do feel for karlie about her dad she still messy bessy tho 🌟💜I'll show them how to ride them horses

  2. He need to take care of his son. I am not understanding why everyone put all the blame on her , Kurt need to keep his penis in his pants or cut it off

  3. I love you I watch your reviews every week you the realist ❤️❤️❤️ your beautiful can’t wait for next weeks review

  4. Thanks for the upload…. and I hope Tommie better herself

  5. Muh fuk'n tired of Estalita

  6. Estalitia just want to be seen and who is Stevie he won't do anything to B K and why Mimi always talking like she mad or moving her hands and her stiff neck Tommie brought that on herself she nice and all but you don't have to act like that and to disrespect her mother I have no respect for her I'm not close to my mother but I wouldn't talk to her like that and curse out they need to pray for each other her she is making money do the right thing she needs a good church home I'm being real I was glad to see Kelsey visiting with her little brother Kirk needs to step up he was fast to swab his son with Rasheeda but get mad he was caught I love that Tokyo is a virgin stay true to yourself and Sierra is STUPID isn't she still married and want to be with Teddy Pendergrass Jr and she has the nerve to say get back to her shop then he kids she a– backward Kirk is wrong all the way live

  7. Expiration date get on my nerves!

  8. Karen should sue for her grand parental rights

  9. I really like Tommy as well I feel like she's one of those people that have a lot of emotional issues I think some things as probably happened to her in her life that only she knows about and when she drinks she just gets angry and I do not think she is all garlic but if you do say something that is not right at the time when she is drinking it will go left hope she does get it together

  10. She, Ciarra, said she ain't about that life…. I think I love her for that real moment. I know what she meant. It meant she is or has outgrown that childish behavior and will be saving her strength and aggression for when its needed. She set herself apart from the rest …

  11. I don't forget nothing I have to say…can't speak for no one but me

  12. Nesha yassssss great review!!!!!

  13. Rasheeda is amazing!!! I truly love her. Everyone else needs to grow up.

  14. Tommie… I get it ma. That what you said was truth. It was yours. But if it destroys you and those around you you have to learn those sober moments. You just have to build them. Don't drink and work. I never did that. It's not hard to do.

  15. Once they accept that they are alcoholics they’ll never change and this is from experience

  16. What happened to Basketball Wives this week???

  17. FYI Tierra,
    Not having a father figure has nothing to do with your child pooping outside and in the neighbors yard at that! That is nasty! If you can't handle your kids, it's best to let Karen or Sas help..IJS

  18. Its interesting that kelsey is 23 with a baby and tokyo is 23 and a Virgin

  19. I don't care for BK but Sierra is out of line she needs to worry about divorcing first and if I start saying what the Bible says every one will be in trouble

  20. Tommy's sister name is Versace Carly B Sister name is Hennessy

  21. Cannon is TOO CUTE!!! He is a beautiful child!

  22. Karlie is Spice friend, she just meet Tokyo, that is not her friend.


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