Atlanta Falcons Fans | Should Thomas Dimitroff Trade Julio Jones? (Anyaes Way) – Atlanta Video

Atlanta Falcons Fans Reaction is WILD. In this video Mad Mike of Mad Mike Sports gives you Anyaes Way. Anyaes thinks the Falcons should do the unthinkable and get rid of one of the greatest WRs of all time.

What are your Atlanta Falcons Fans?




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  1. No, not unless you're getting a Von Miller or something equivalent in return. Not gonna happen

  2. Do you have a link to your discord?

  3. Only way I would let Julio dip is for a von Miller type player bro

  4. No, anybody besides Matt and julio.

  5. Julio transcends the offense. His presence and threat alone makes Ridley and Sanu's production improve due to single coverage options. Getting healthy, bringing Grady back, and solidifying the OL are the only things separating us from the playoffs. We would easily be in the playoffs had we been healthy all year. Keeping Coleman over Devonta(if we must chose) is also critical. Ito has shown enough IMO to warrant moving on from Devonta. If financial limitations force us to take free over tevin, then I'm still comfortable with that decision. Interior OL, Health, and keeping our own should be at the top of our off season to-do list. Anything after that should be investing in a disruptive DT or adding youth and length at CB to pair with Oliver so we can move on from Alf and Tru. After potential cap penalties, that would save us a ton of money that should be spent on extensions for Jarrett and Julio this summer, and DeBo, Keanu, and Takk down the line.

  6. Even though we love/respect Julio and he's an all-time Falcon great let's be football analytical about this and not emotional. From articles I've read in the past they that Bill Belichick (who Thomas Dimitroff used to work under) actually advised Dimitroff not to give up so many pics to draft Julio Jones. Dimitroff did it anyway. So now we must question what did it get us up to this point other than year in year out arguably the best receiver in the league & and the WORSE Super Bowl collapse in the history of the NFL (BECAUSE WE GOT DOMINATED IN THE TRENCHES IN THE FOURTH QUARTER). I'm not here to put blame on Julio cause he's a BEAST but championships are not won by #1 WRs THERE WON & SECURED IN THE TRENCHES. History shows that and our time with Julio Jones here reinforces that.

  7. Julio Jones is a lifer he isn't going anywere Julio Jones said he is a falcon for life

  8. How about we do us & Julio a HUGE FAVOR & TRADE HIM NOW. He wants more money (which he deserves) and we want a Superbowl and to put long-term money into our young superstars. So I say we trade him to a contender where we can get an all pro offensive lineman or an ELITE EDGE RUSHER ➕ 2 draft picks

  9. Matt Ryan can still throw for over 4000 yards without Julio BUT without Julio and a better offensive line (barring no MAJOR INJURIES) I CAN SEE RYAN HAVING MVP CALIBER SEASONS FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER ➕ TAKING LESS SACKS/HITS. Just look at the type of line that Brady/Brees have later in their careers vs what Ryan has right now ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️


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