JASMINE EILAND Seeks JUSTICE After OPERA Nightclub Incident in ATLANTA (FULL STORY) – Atlanta Video

Jasmine Eiland partied the night away at Opera night club in Atlanta, where she met Dominique Williams on January 19, 2019. The incident all unfolded on LIVE on facebook where Jasmine lost consciousness within hours of accepting a drink from Williams. What happened next could change both of their lives as Atlanta authorities are now investigating an alleged assault.

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  1. Jasmine Eiland partied the night away at Opera night club in Atlanta, where she met Dominique Williams. The incident all unfolded on LIVE on facebook where Jasmine soon lost consciousness after accepting a drink from Williams. What happened next could change both of their lives as Atlanta authorities are now investigating an alleged assault. FULL STORY: http://straightfromthea.com/2019/01/22/jasmine-eiland-facebook-live-opera-atlanta/

  2. Wowwww, this is beyond crazy! There is a lot to unpack here!

  3. This is beyond heartbreaking ?
    Everyone needs to understand men and women that rape is a violent crime and it has nothing to do with sex but power and control. Get Woke! Period.

  4. #ATLien, thanks so much for your coverage of this. But where do we go from here?

  5. I would love to hear what Rape Counselors think of all of this.

  6. Am I the only person that saw him spit in his hand? Ugggggh, this chick ain't asking the right questions!!

  7. To the woman who called (and said she is older) and said you CANT HAVE YOUR ASS OUT, she needs to know RAPE is NOT about the lack of clothing articles a woman wears, obviously she is NOT AWARE THAT WOMEN WHO WEAR BURKAS GET RAPED ALL THE TIME! RAPE is about overpowering someone. And YES you can be BUTT ASS OUT, ask the women who participate in the Brazilian Mardi Gras!!!!
    We have to STOP ? with these Quacker ass views, shit happens!!!!
    Thank you #Michelle for standing in the #TRUTH!

  8. I don't know why folks act like they never had a tooth pulled or have not had surgery before. When you come out of that drugged state you are functional but only to a point. ALSO the drugs have properties in them that are specifically designed to cause some amnesia. She doesn't KNOW what happened to her, all she does know is SOMETHING did, that's why she was crying in the car. The police have to thoroughly investigate because she is not a reliable witness BECAUSE she was under the influence!!!

  9. Oh boy seen to be doing a lot of humping and pumping and smile while doing what he was doing. I grow up in the ATL, Hot Lanta and I never saw anything like this. Back in the day I went to every club and hole in the wall in the ATL. I got drunk with the best and I even goten tow up, pissy drunk. I even piss on myself while in the club. I'm just saying I never seen anyone out of it like she was.

    In one video I saw it seen to me at one point she sound like a women engage in a sex act. It sound like she was doing a little moaning and groaning. Now, she seen to been out of it and she wouldn't really known what was happen to her. But, for a monument she just seem to have felt it. Also, I heard him called her "baby, baby"! As if he was talking to his sweetheart.

    For him to say he didn't know her or do anything to her; why would he refer to her as "baby, baby"! His hands was all over her breasts; why he had to do that in order to help her to get to her sit. It didn't look like he was moving her forward to help her to her sit. He seen like he was having a happy time.

  10. Idk the procedures of a rape kit or bein drugged…does anyone kno if she has to take a drug test at the hospital as well?…

  11. I definitely saw him smell his fingers! (Jasmine also said he inserted his fingers in her, and tried to insert his penis)This man is also a liar, on both accounts from her friends he told them he knew august alsina and would have them put out, YET he states he didn't know anyone and goes out in his personal time CLEARLY this man is okay with LYING to get what he WANTS! All I'm sayin is his STORIES dnt add up!

  12. He need to be put under the jail. She didn't deserve that. However ladies and gentlemen please be careful of who you accept drinks from. Club etiquette 101 never let a stranger get you a drink. Keep your drinks right where you can see it. If your drink is left unattended DO NOT drink it please be careful it's a lot of lowdown dirty people in the club. I hope Jasmine gets the help she needs

  13. I was so happy that #Monica from Houston called, her points about BLACK WOMEN standing up for one another is Paramount! That's why I went for that #Bianca girl when she INSERTED herself in that bullshit beef between you and Maddie.
    #AnybodyCanGetIt! And that's why I told that Hatian immigrant STOP ? talking under your dress. This bitch has called me a country bumpkin and and a stalker, LOL! But when I see her on any YouTuber's page that I am engaging with, I CALL THAT BITCH OUT!
    And I know I don't have to cape for you, clearly you are intelligent enough to handle yourself but when we allow that for you, she will eventually go after another woman.
    Again, loved the show tonight!

  14. Hearing this young lady scream “No” and “help me” made my heart sink. Those cries for help were real. Victim shaming will never be ok. Rape culture will never be ok. My coworkers and I were having a conversation about this earlier and surprisingly enough every woman had a story of men trying to sexually assault them in a club. This is a damn shame. My heart goes out to her.

  15. This is where we are in the world now that you get cool points for your videos!!! So everyone will put out there video now….. I feel so sorry for this young lady..


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