2nd Half Team Highlights – Lakers vs. Hawks – February 12, 2019 – Atlanta Video

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  1. Concentrate on trades for now to utilize next season

  2. Lonzo is injury prone, luke is an average coach, management traded our center of the future for a guy that does the same freakin thing Wagner does and Lebron brings a lot of chaos with him. I could go on and on, Lakers are just not a good team.

  3. I love how you do highlights but if we lose you show how we gave the game away down the stretch.

  4. Bron f-ed up this team. He should just play and let management manage.
    Magic f-ed up. He should have stuck to the original plan. He got Lavared by Lebroned with the AD trade.
    I like what Luke and Ingram are doing. They know they will be in the league for another 10+ years. They know stranger things can happen and they could be together again. Smart move by both of them. Kuz should take note. Further, Leruin chemistry will stay to get to play with his son then thats it.

  5. Defense , defense, defense ….

  6. Defense , defense, defense ….


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