[REAL ATC] Delta’s brand new A220 RETURNS TO ATLANTA with fuel leak! – Atlanta Video

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  1. When you try your best but you donโ€™t succeed

  2. Ryanair: Stop leaking, we have to takeoff now

  3. So…
    1) Pilot picked up a illogical runway assignment and inquired to confirm – nice to see
    2) So they had a backup plan on that Spirit Wings plane but that was a little insane to see how little of a gap they were giving for the runway sweep
    3) Listening to her clear 5 planes to land on the same runway in such quick succession really nails home how insane that policy is

  4. should've bought a boeing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The new A220s are having dispatch/MX problems left and right. So many have suffered over 2 hour delays

  6. MD-80s donโ€™t leak fuel ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Upon further investigation the NTSB discovered that a pair of fuel quantity probes were installed in two secret tanks that were leaking. One tank held warmed Canadian maple syrup and the other tank held melted Canadian high quality butter. Due to the USA's current trade disputes with Canada the contents were seized by USA Customs as contraband. The pilots denied having anything to do with the waffles made with Canadian wheat found in the galley areas. Those were also seized as contraband. This is another evil Canadian attempt to sneak their subsidized food products into the USA. USA Customs decided to dispose of the contraband by having waffles during their meal breaks.

  8. โ€œLet me know how many minutes youโ€™ll need to burn fuel.โ€

    Like the Airbus 220 is some heavy aircraft like they advertised it as.

  9. 9:07 -> Is the tower operator allowed to give clearance to land to all the aircraft at the same time even if the previous one didn't land yet ?

  10. Did the passengers have to disembark (being a fuel issue), and reboard after the problem was fixed, or did Delta provide another plane?

  11. At least we can be glad that the computer didn't decide to fly the brand-new airplane into a forest. Of course, that would never happen; the Airbus computer would prevent that. Except that it has happened. Auto-thrust, auto-land, and auto-crash. After all, who knows best what's best for the plane and passengers –the pilot or the computer? Airbus says: the computer, of course. Over and over again, that has been proven not to be the case. Well-trained pilots should be in absolute control, with automation as an aid in their decision making only. And we haven't even fully perfected the pilot-aid part yet. Pitot tubes ice, indicators fail, and pilots rely on their ability to abstract a solution that the poor computer cannot possibly reach. These computers do not think (yet), they blindly follow their programming. And guess what–every contingency and situation can never be pre-programmed.

  12. There's 7 used 717s on the market right now

  13. Just bring back the 727 it was faster anyways .88 mach to this .85 crap they are building now days and they didn't leak to boot..


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