Alex Len Full Highlights 2019.03.03 Hawks vs Bulls – 28 Pts, 9 Rebs! | FreeDawkins – Atlanta Video

March 3, 2019 | Alex Len Full Highlights 2019.03.03 Hawks vs Bulls – 28 Pts, 9 Rebs! FreeDawkins – NBA Video’

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  1. Alex Len > Kryknee
    Kryknee makes team worse
    Len makes team better

  2. Are you feeling okay YouTube ?

  3. Haven’t heard of him since Whiteside tried to form tackle his shit

  4. I’m sorry for commenting YouTube please forgive me ?

  5. Len is redeeming himself in ATL after being labeled a bust during his first years in the league. Glad he’s doing well

  6. why dont the Hawks ever let him play? They treat him like a stepchild…

  7. Len Ukraine, Jokic Serbia, Marjanovic Serbia, Bjelica Serbia, Vucevic Montenegro, Mirotic Montenegrin heritage(born and raised in Montenegro) , Zubac Croatia, Saric Croatia, Valantiunas Lithuania, Sabonis Lithuania, Porzingis Latvia, Nurkic Bosnia and Hercegovina, Gortat Poland. Eastern European centers are taking over that position of C in the NBA, and did the same with boxing years before. Plus other eastern European players : Goran Dragic Slovenia, Bojan Bogdanovic Croatia, Bogdan Bogdanovic Serbia, Mario Hezonja Croatia etc., and a certain young dude called Luka Doncic from Slovenia.

  8. Hawks player development personnel is world class yo

  9. Len is really redeeming himself in Atlanta tho after really being a bust for so many years in this league , so props to him


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