Donovan Mitchell Full Highlights 2019.03.21 Hawks vs Jazz – 34 Pts! | FreeDawkins – Atlanta Video

March 21, 2019 | Donovan Mitchell Full Highlights 2019.03.21 Hawks vs Jazz – 34 Pts FreeDawkins – NBA Video’
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  1. Lauri way better than this overrated bum

  2. Like idk why I'm thinking the jazz would play okc in the playoffs again

  3. STFU ever greatest lauri has nothing to do with the video

  4. Only in his 2nd year yet he’s leading his team better than me and proving he can survive in a competitive conference unlike my overrated ass

  5. Lauri would break this clowns ankles on the court

  6. If I was on the Jazz I would put Mitchell, Gobert, Ingles, Rubio, Favors, and Crowder on the trade block and try to get Quinn Snyder fired. I’m a cancer everywhere I go

  7. Spida + shot + dunk + dime=spidamitchell

  8. The jazz are another consistent scorer away from bustin the west wide open.

  9. Will b a allstar next year

  10. This dude is going to be real good like really good

  11. lauri needs overtime to score 30 points

  12. Dammit Spida had a good game, but Utah can't be losing games like this FUCK!!!😡

  13. I was at the game to support him and he met all my expectations Fr my favorite player rn this kid is unbelievable great game tho money well spent

  14. That's back to back 30+ points! We're already assured that we're going to Playoffs. Wins don't matter now. Everyone needs to be healthy for Playoffs.

  15. That block on Trae and those dunks, this guy is such a well rounded athlete

  16. Donovan >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lestbrick


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