Trae Young Full Highlights 2019.03.26 Hawks vs Pelicans – 33 Pts, 12 Assists! | FreeDawkins – Atlanta Video

March 26, 2019 | Trae Young Full Highlights 2019.03.26 Hawks vs Pelicans – 33 Pts, 12 Assists! FreeDawkins – NBA Video’
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  1. I kept telling people once he figures it out all that “bust” and “trash” you gonna eat yo words. BOTH TEAMS WON THIS TRADE.

  2. If you starting a franchise you want rookie kyrie or rookie trae young ??

  3. Dude Luka gotta be feeling nervous atm. This man Trae Young has made a stupid good run at ROTY. And I wouldn't be disappointed if he won it.

    Note: New NBA YouTuber here! Any support would be super appreciated! Thanks! Peace.

  4. Somebody please tell these Yrash Bust fanboys that the award is called Rookie of the YEAR. Not Rookie since the all star weekend. Even since the all star weekend, trash is still behind Goatcic. Smh

  5. Way better than Luka Slowcic

  6. luka doncic: I'm the best rookie start to finish!
    Trey Young: check my stats, but seriously Luka is the best right now, but Trey has good potential and maybe will be better.

  7. Trae actually makes his teammates better unlike Slowcic who only makes himself better

  8. He'll be a better shooter than St3-1phen CurBRICK

  9. Who's the last rookie to have more 30 points and 10 assists games. Than Trae Young!!!

  10. Trae Young just passed Michael Jordan for the 2nd most 30/10 games by a rookie

  11. Trae got the haters on hush mode

  12. He is the rookie of the year

    Change my mind

  13. compare to Steph during his rookie year, trae is more agressive with his shots(2's or 3's) and has more play making skills. curry + iverson = trae

  14. LMAOOOO 1:32 Gentry’s reaction too trae young range 😂😂😂

  15. Trae Young is the 1st rookie ever to have 4 games with 30+ points,10+ assist, and 5 threes.

  16. Trae has taken his game to a whole other level. His star is shining bright. As a Hawks fan, I love it, and think he deserves rookie of the year for not only his stats, but the way he elevates his teammates.

  17. Good effort tonight Hawks Mavs really appreciate it. 🤣

  18. I'm so glad I've said from Day 1, the first summer league game, that this guy will be something great. Proved all the doubters wrong by Christmas.

  19. This was his 6th 30 point 10 Assist game which he just passed Jordan for second place all time for a rookie.. Blows my mind how people really could hate on a player this talented I guess they rather see a bunch of scrubs in the league instead of rising stars 😂😂

  20. trae and luka for co rookie of the year?

  21. Set shot god …the best shot I've seen since Devin Booker and Klay Thompson…the boy can go for 60 easy if he was selfish but he is team player

  22. Trae Young is just a superstar that knows he belongs in the NBA… he has an elite skill set that's going to bold well for him… again the league is on notice 😏😎


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