Trae Young Full Highlights 2019.04.10 Hawks vs Pacers – 23 Pts, 11 Assists! | FreeDawkins – Atlanta Video

April 10, 2019 | Trae Young Full Highlights 2019.04.10 Hawks vs Pacers – 23 Pts, 11 Assists! FreeDawkins – NBA Video’
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  1. Appreciate Trae Young actually playing all the games down the stretch unlike Luka Slowcic who didn’t want to end the season with another terrible game against Derrick White

  2. Historic rookie year by Trae Young! 💪 It's been fun talking shit with you guys! See you next season ✌️

  3. More total points than luka❄️

  4. Trae proved so many doubters wrong this year i knew he was gonna be great but I didn’t even think he was gonna be this elite in year one of his nba career. rookie of the year or not I believe whole heartily that he will be the best player from this draft him starting off slow will be the reason why he might not get the award , starting next season I can see him easily averaging between 23-26 ppg with 9-11 assist and then by year 3 he could be doing what he did in college which was leading the league in scoring and assist hawks got there guy this kid will be a future legend .

  5. Unbelievable season for the rookie trae young he proved so many people wrong with all his feats , records and accomplishments he made this year , 19 points and 8 assist in year one and it’s only the beginning imma stand by what I been saying since predraft/college and ballislife days and even when he was struggling during summer league and that is that Trae young will be the best pg for years to come in the future and that he will be a mvp one day and you’d be a fool to doubt him again if you wanna disagree with me

  6. Had his 30th Double Double for the season🔥🔥🔥

  7. Trae should work out with steph in the off-season.

  8. Last time saying Trae Young > Luka Slowcock for a while 💔 nah I’ll say it during playoff vids

  9. Hawks will make the playoffs next yr im calling it

  10. He was garbo this game :)) 6/18 with missed layups and airballs.

  11. Trash Young is garbo 1/7 😂😂😂

  12. Dude leads all rookies in points and assists, and has no chance at winning ROY cause of the Luka bias. It’s a damn shame…

  13. Great year for a terrific player in Trae Young 👏🔥💯👍 can't wait until next season 😁😁 …btw at least we all know the Hawks didn't get finessed in that trade… thank you Mavs lmao 😂😂

  14. Chef Young will be back with a vengeance next year 😨… that spells trouble for the NBA 😂😂

  15. Great season, it will be fun to watch Trae and Luka develop. Hope Trae gets better teammates… Mavs have done fantastic job acquiring KP, if they really get Vucevic they will have three all-star caliber players, step up Atlanta, get Trae some serious help

  16. Droppin double doubles like nothin every game


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