2019 Atlanta Falcons Minicamp News | Rise Up Rundown – Atlanta Video

The Atlanta Falcons 2019 minicamp is underway, and of course, there’s some things Falcons fans need to know as it’s happening!

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  1. How can yall rise up if yall keep being brought back down? LOL WHODAT

  2. Julio is a humble guy he's definitely not a diva because look at atontio brown he runs his dayum mouth way too much an Julio deserves it he's the best in the league best hands speed and height

  3. Julio never talks trash he never acts out either like other wrs like obj why doesn't he not deserve this money the diva fans better shut the hell up and be happy we even have a julio on our team be grateful

  4. Oh yeah I’m new 😏

    Pppffttt I’m not 😂😂😂 good content.

  5. Trufants child is about to be born

  6. Thanks for the upload!! As always amazing content #RISEUP


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